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About Us

Why Choose Catlas Design?


Catlas Design stands as the premier choice for discerning cat owners seeking premium feline furnishings. As an Australian-owned company with operations in Melbourne and Brisbane, we merge our passion for cats with a commitment to exceptional design, embodying simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic allure.

At Catlas Design, we believe cat furniture deserves a place of prominence within your home decor, seamlessly blending with your surroundings while providing unparalleled comfort and usability for your beloved feline companions.

Our product lineup, meticulously crafted by Industrial Designer Adrian Magu, boasts over 22 years of expertise in Automotive, Product, and Furniture Design. Drawing inspiration from the minimalist ethos of Scandinavian design, our creations embody the principle that form should harmonize with function. We're dedicated to reducing environmental impact by embracing simplicity in design, resulting in products that utilize fewer manufacturing processes and sustainable materials.

All Catlas Design pieces are proudly manufactured in Melbourne, Australia, utilizing ethically sourced materials that prioritize environmental sustainability. Each item arrives in a flat pack format with user-friendly assembly instructions, ensuring effortless setup with minimal effort and joinery required.

Backed by extensive research, rigorous product development, and thorough testing, we're thrilled to introduce a diverse range of high-quality, enduring products that not only cater to your cats' needs but also elevate your living space.

Join us in celebrating the union of form, function, and feline companionship.


Adrian Magu