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About Us

Catlas Design is a Melbourne based company specialising in niche cat products.

Our obsession for cats, love for design, simple form and clever function is our inspiration in creating modern products that you will love and enjoy seeing your fur babies use and enjoy time and time again.

Catlas products have been designed with a Scandinavian sensitivity inspired by modular simplicity but maximising on the idea that form follows function. Our products are aesthetically pleasing with a playful twist. Each product comes in flat pack form and is fast and easy to assemble with minimal effort and joinery. 

Our products have been designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia with an environmental and sustainable awareness. We believe that Simple Design = Less Processes = Less Environmental Impact.

We pride ourselves on being:

Australian Owned
Australian Designed
Australian Sourced, Made and Manufactured.

Living in Melbourne, the COVID pandemic made us realise how important it is to be community focused and how important it is to bring industry back to our local area. So, with this in mind and with years of brainstorming, research, and prototype development we decided that now was the right time to launch Catlas Design.

The right time meant launching into the market whilst supporting small local businesses and industries. We support and continue to support at least 12 small local businesses and independents in the development and manufacturing of our products. From sourcing materials to relying on the craftsmanship and expertise of local skilled men and women, we believe that giving back to our community is the way forward.

Our products have been developed, tested, and retested over a three-year period, with many refinements and prototypes being remade to make sure we can offer an outstanding quality product that will stand the test of time. We source and use quality grade materials so that our products are not compromised. 

The name CATLAS derived from our instafamous kitties CC (CleoCatra) + Atlas = CATLAS, who have been an abundance of joy and knowledge to work with in developing our product range. They have been the brain children behind CATLAS. We know that your cats will love and use our product range as much as ours do. When you think of our brand CATLAS we would love you to know that our products will CAT LAST – clever design. feline good.

Adrian Magu 
Founder & Proud Cat Dad.