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Loom Cat Tree Tower


The Loom Cat Tree Tower is the ultimate cat tower with over 2.3 metres of vertical climb, explore and play space. 

This unique vertical cat tree has been designed for compact living to minimise the footprint in your home whilst maximising vertical space utilising the idea that form follows function. With its streamlined circular circumference, this aesthetically pleasing design contains 3 vertical structural branches nesting 7 platforms which taper towards the tip of the structure. The structure maintains a robust centre of gravity which allows your cat(s) to safely climb, play, rest, and sleep on the various levels. 

Each multi-functional platform is covered in a highly durable and easy to clean carpet which adds a grip for your cat to latch onto and works great as a scratching pad. The placement of the platforms allows easy access for all shapes and sizes of cats to easily climb up and down on and is suitable for multiple cats. 

The top platform contains 3 tips which act as a safety barrier for your cat to lean against and snuggle into as well as perfectly position animal friendly curved edges to scratch their face on. The tower is ideal for allowing your cat to reach those warmer spots in the winter months to make the most of that rising heat.

Designed with a Scandinavian flair and modular mindset with snap to fit and slide in panels this cat tree is quick and easy to assemble and has been designed for durability and longevity. We have added a minimal number of screws for extra robustness.

  • Materials: Natural finish premium birch plywood. Platform pads made of highly durable UV stabilized carpet.
  • Suitability: Suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes, suitable for compact living. 
  • Product Dimensions: Height 2300mm, Base Width 596mm.
  • Package Dimensions: Length 1200 x Width 590mm x Height 110mm
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Assembly: Arrives in flat pack form. 15-minute assembly. Requires a Philips head screwdriver (not included).  Instructions and 18 screws included. 1 person assembly or 2-person assembly for extra ease. Requires a step ladder for ease of assembly. 
  • Cleaning & Care: Wipe carpet pads with a damp cloth or brush, Lint roll or vacuum carpet surfaces. Keep plywood structure dry and away from moisture. Recommended for indoor use only.
  • Made in Melbourne, Australia

Loom Cat Tree Tower


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  • FAQS

    Where is the furniture made?

    All our products are made in Melbourne by small local businesses and materials sourced through small local business. We believe that supporting small local businesses and industries by relying on the craftsmanship and expertise of local skills men and women is giving back to our community by keeping locals in jobs. This also allows us to maintain a high level of product quality because all interaction is made face to face. We supported and continue to support at least 12 small local businesses and independents in the development and manufacturing of our products. 

    Is the furniture suitable for outdoor use?

    Our products are indoor use only. Exposing our products to outdoor elements such as rain will damage them. 

    Is the furniture sturdy?

    The furniture has been designed to be extremely sturdy and safe for cats to use. We have tested our products several times taking in consideration different scenarios. It is important to note that Catlas Design products are for cat use only and not suitable for toddlers, small children or larger pets to use and climb on.

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